The Origin Story:

(AMS) is one of the premier ORGANIZATION OF AVIATION in India. It was incorporated on 25th November 2019. and is located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

What we are good at:

The Balance Careers makes navigating your career easy.
According to the survey, a sense of accomplishment is the strongest driver of happiness for employees under 35 years old.
“Relationships are one of the best predictors of happiness in any field,”
To form authentic bonds with colleagues, “take an interest in their lives outside of work,”
In other words, don’t be the co-worker who’s all business all the time.
As we know the delegation skills with responsibility to other people for the completion of work.
We are having leadership skills along with strategic planning.
Team-building and teamwork skills are essential for any workplace. Which we do follow always.
Today’s workplace is becoming more technologically advanced and complex. With this rapid increase of technology, the need for analytical thinking also increases. Analytical thinking is the ability to objectively assess the present state of your business, to determine where you want to be in the future, and what to do in order to close the gap between the present and the future growth of your business.

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